Friday, 26 August 2011

Yesterday my nails were the best bit EOTD

I used Illamasqua Blow (baby yellow cream) and Barry M Raspberry (dark raspberry red) nail polishes for this freehanded half moon manicure. It's particularly tricky for me as I have no natural half moons to base it on. As much as I'd love to make it pristine and perfect, using those ring binder, circle-around-the-holepunch, stickers just seems too slooooowww to me. This manicure took me half an hour including filing and removing the previous chipped polish. I used a coat of quick dry topcoat between the cream and red and ontop of the red, making my nails super thickened and claw like. This is a photo from five minutes ago, I have worn this for two days working a busy museum till (I took nearly £4000 in cash and card payments) and as you can see, no visible wear. Bonus.

Eyes under the cut.

You agree the nails are best, right? Yesterdat, I used Inglot, the Balm and Urban Decay products for this. As well as my Body Shop gold eyeliner (which I use sporadically for sprucing up boring eye make-up), Boujois black liquid liner and mascara. Everyone at work made a fuss of my nails, nobody mentioned my eye make-up. I suppose I find this a bit 'meh' because it's the kind of thing I always revert back to (all one colour, darker crease, liner)... but what is the public's excuse?!

J/K. As long as I'm getting some kind of compliment it's all good... right?

Ruth x


  1. Your nails looks kick. Ass. Really beautiful! And I love your EOTD - green always wins with me :)

  2. Great nails! I do love the eye look as well.