Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Two Cyan and Purple EOTDs (one high-end, one low-end) and NOTD

Above is what I am terming the high-end cyan look I did last Saturday. I used NYX jumbo pencil in Milk and MAC pigment in Hi-Def Cyan patted on top. The browns were from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette and I added dramatic liner just because! There ended up being a Sikh wedding at work on the day, so the liner felt kind of appropriate. A little bit Bollywood? (ps did you know Sikhs drink alcohol... a lot? Judging by this wedding anyhow. You live and learn!)

Today I ended up doing another light blue/cyan look using the Sleek Curacao eyeshadow palette - Blue Lagoon, Blue Hawaiian, Singapore Sling and Purple Haze (again using the NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk as a white base to help it pop). I also used the Wet n Wild I'm Feeling Retro palette (the white as inner-corner highlight and the pink for blending). Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Asphyxia was a base for the crease and also Perversion (blackest black pencil liner) was a softer version of my usual black liner. 

More pictures and a NOTD under the cut.
Look one -

It sadly kept printing onto the brown crease no matter what. It's such a pretty colour though, so I think it's worth the hassle. It's matte but I feel will probably work better used with a mixing medium in future.

Look two -

I've had a couple of beauty disasters this week. I managed to poke myself in the right eye on Saturday night whilst taking my make-up off (or perhaps a fleck of glitter got in there and scratched it) and my eyeball is still in recovery, so I haven't been able to do anything too dramatic with my eyes. Infact, today's look (drugstore cyan) is my first eyeshadow look since then. Glad that's over. Normal service should resume soon.

My nails this Bank Holiday weekend are another free-handed half moon manicure of creamy baby pink (Inglot 337) and dark shimmering green (Illamasqua Viridian).

Today I also managed to cut into my thumb nail tip with a knife (could've been worse, could've been my nail bed) whilst cutting up chocolate into chunks for muffins I baked (nomnom) so I now have nubby little thumbs that don't match up with the rest of my claws. Sigh. It had to happen sooner or later. I had actually forgotten how short my nail beds are, they've been so long for SO long. Worse things happen at sea!

Hope you are all eye and nail disaster free and had a good weekend!

Ruth x


  1. I love the looks, the cyan is such a great shade! :) Btw, do you have your twitter listed anywhere or are you keeping it a secret? :P

  2. I love me a little CMYK. I was surprised that I could visibly tell the difference between the MAC cyan and the drugstore one because typically I don't notice but the first one seems extra smooth, if that makes any sense. They are both pretty and that Bollywood wedding sounds like a lot of fun. I work for a wedding company and we just did a vintage circus wedding, so beautiful!!

  3. the blue looks lovely on you!

  4. Both looks are so gorgeous ! You look great with the cyan color !

  5. Is it wrong to have a girl crush on you even if im straight :) your so purdy and I love colours on you

  6. Ooh what a lovely look :)
    The blue looks wonderful on you :)
    I hope that your eye will get 100% better soon.. I dont know what has happened to my eye lately.. think a bug (maybe a mosquito or a tic) bit me but its swollen and red.. hopefully it will get better soon :)
    take care :)
    youve got a really lovely blog :)

  7. I love both! The brown with the blue in the first one goes well together.

  8. Lyuba - Hi!! I am RuthsMakeup on there as well. I'm still a bit rubbish and have yet to list it on my blog. Ooops!!

    Meredith - :D thanks. That circus wedding would be my dream wedding. Yeaaaahhh!!

    Ev - thanks :)

    Luna - thanks lady. The cat in your icon is just too cute, a long haired version of my Malcolm.

    Rach - Haha! Thanks. High praise indeed. I am not sure the colours look good but I do it anyway! ^.^

    Shortlegs - :( eye pain is really annoying when you want to do crazy make-up times. Hope yours is better soon.

    Wendy - I found your videos on youtube! Makeup heroes! I have had fun going through them. Not sure how I missed out thus far...Anyway, Keep making please! And thanks xx

  9. Lovely eyes and I absolutely love the nails! :)

  10. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon! Television Makeup Artist Sydney