Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Blogroll and Schtuff

This is just a quick update to say I finally added a blogroll with my favourite blogs at the bottom of the page (it may move to the side at a later date, let me know what you think). If there's anyone awesome I forgot to add (or anyone you think I should follow) go ahead and comment. Here's some bonus make-up photos to show what I have been feeling comfortable in recently.

I've been focusing more on lips...

This Urban Decay Naked Palette based look is the only eyeshadow look I have worn this week. Mostly I have even gone without mascara! I suppose a bright blue eyebrow and bright pink (Atomic from Illamasqua is bright by my scared-of-lipstick standards) is, in actuality, quite a lot of make-up. I wore it to work and confused everyone - "Have you done something different?" - They couldn't figure it out! I would never have thought I could love pink lipstick but here I am.

Overall I'm scared of lipstick because I have snaggletooths (well... full-on vampire fangs) which make it hard to apply (wobbling over the fangs - trying not to slip) and it usually gets on them at least a bit throughout the day (even with that finger trick)... Anyway, I have broken free and am radically (in my mind) wearing lipstick in my everyday life. It's quite liberating and exciting for me - a whole new thing to obsess about the way I do about eye make-up and nail polish! But don't worry, you know the eye obsession will never fade.

I wore Russian Red by MAC two days straight this week (above with Cherry lipliner and Sleek Pout Paint in Pin-Up on top and below without the Pout Paint). I love it.

Today my lips felt extra chappy because of the lipstick extravagance (seriously, it stayed on all day, with only one touch-up each time, I was so proud) therefore I wore Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry instead.

 For anyone who missed it Inglot is now online in the UK and MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. Shame I spent all my spending money this month *grumble grumble* I cannot wait for my MAC Morange lipstick to arrive. Orange and blue are overall my favourite colours. I am going to be complimentary all up in my grill. Yeah!

Ruth x


  1. I think the side might stretch the page a bit less. Just a thought!

    Once again, so jealous of your winging skills.

  2. Oh my GOD, Ruthy, that second photo of you with Russian Red? Holy shitballs, you look gorgeous! And yay blogroll, I'm seeing some new blogs I think I need in my life!

  3. You look awesome in that red! :)

  4. go you on the lippy, i never quite got the hang of it....then again i've never really tried...

  5. Ahhh Russian Red and Atomic look beautiful on you! I may have to try a coloured brow and neutral-ish eye with bright lips myself :) I also love your bare fresh eyes!

  6. You look so pretty with the natural eyes and colored lips! As always, the blue brows are nice as well. Also, thank you for including me down there :)

  7. You look gorgeous! I love the lippies on you :)

  8. :) Aww, I have a major headache today and this posts comments cheered me up lots. As if! All the pretty people calling me pretty.