Monday, 26 September 2011

EOTD and NOTD of last week! (finally!)

Hi blog people! I have not been busy at all and therefore have no excuse for not posting regularly... does not feeling like it count? I usually love Autumn but this year I'm not so keen. I've clearly completely lost track of time reading books, listening to old CD's and working only super-duper part-time. I've let lots of things get ahead of me (like tidying, washing clothes/make-up brushes... not that I'm ever organised but yunno... it's worse right now than normally). What was that about no excuses? *sigh*

Anyhow, I'm posting this eyeshadow and nail combination as it's the most exciting thing I've worn in the past week.

I know some thing's up with me as I have no idea what eyeshadows these are. It may have involved Fyrinnae and Urban Decay. Hmm.
My brows were MAC brow pencil in Stud and E.L.F brow treat and tame in Ash, although it doesn't seem to photograph well and I struggle to apply the brow set as I guess my eyebrows are a bit sparse and so it just gets on my face, I still like this combination.

I've found myself doing a strong (full/natural) brow with light foundation (my new favourite Illamasqua Skin Base) and blusher with no mascara/eye make-up (and usually some kind of lip product involved) as my go-to for a week or so. I am finally feeling comfortable with a strong lip, I just need to improve my application technique.
 I liked the boyish look that Lisa Eldridge did in this video and seemingly I've started to wish I always looked like that. Time to attempt a brow grow-back I think. Seems to me I've overplucked so long this may be an impossible task. Time will tell, wish me luck!?

The nails... I used Nails Inc Barnbury Street (matte light brown), Illamasqua Fabricate (chocolate brown) and Essie Liquorice with Essie Good to Go fast-drying topcoat. This feels more subtle that my neon and pastel leopard nails of the last two weeks. Where does the time go? I STILL don't have any Konad stuff.

My plan for the week involves tracking down the Boots 17 Magnetic polishes and buying a couple of family birthday presents, too. How about you?

Ruth xx


  1. LOVE the nails, and the blue as always. I'm not too worried about overplucking my brows as I've got bloody ghost eyebrows anyway :| Stupid eyebrows.

  2. Those nails are gorgeous! I love the base colour :)

  3. Cute nails and perfect liner! I've always meant to buy a lash growth serum and use it on my brows instead since I overplucked the tails when I was younger and they never really grew back properly. Since they're so expensive that's a bit of a pipe dream though. :(

  4. Gah! Such adorable nails. I don't know if I've said this before, but I'm way jealous of your winged liner skills.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the leopard print nails! You're so good at it. Do mine please! hehe xxxx