Thursday, 15 September 2011

Neon Leopard Nails

Neon leopard nails will cheer you right up when -

1. Your hours are down at work so you are gonna be poor for a few months :( (and it's minimum wage anyway wahwahwah! /crybaby)
2. You did not get a new job...
3. Which means you're still living in your parents' house for the foreseeable future.
4. Your nails are all short now... etc

It totally works, I can guarantee it! 100% cure for those who are down in the dumps. This is my first leopard NOTD attempt and I really, really love it! I was particulary proud of my thumbs, so they get their own 'portraits'.

I used Illamasqua polishes in Fern (glass-flecked blue), Collide (neon pink) and Rare (neon yellow). Essie Liquorice is my only black (nearly all used up from a holo-franken experiment) and it was used on a toothpick for the outlines. I also started with my usual Essie 'fill the gap' base and ended with a thick coat of their 'good to go' fast dry topcoat.

Thanks for looking,

Ruth x


  1. This is so cool! Will try this when I have some spare time xxx

  2. this is sooo cool! a new way of leopard nails, and then in neon! girl you always take awesomeness to new heights!

  3. This is beautiful! My bottle of Rare is a bit streaky, is it like that for you?

  4. Ok, could your looks be any more awesome?
    I'm not into animal patterns, but this instantly made me go 'GOTTA DO IT!'

    And I love nubby nails :) .

  5. This is so cool! Hope things look up for you too :)

  6.! Sorry about work though :(

  7. Lillian - yes, quite. I have managed to get it pretty much opaque in two coats. I was a bit disappointed for the price... better than other neons I have tried but not the best I could ever imagine. At least I got it discounted.

    Everyone else - Yay! Thanks for being so nice when I'm in a rubbish mood. Aw!

  8. AWESOME! That looks like it was hard to do!

  9. I saw your comment on my blog the other day and sought your blog out! It's great, I love your creativity and style. These nails are absolutely incredible - I've never seen anything like them before, well done!