Monday, 19 September 2011

Two EOTDs using MAC water based mixing medium.

This green look and also a purple smokey look are my first times using MAC mixing medium. I really like it - it seems a bit more 'goopy' than Illamasqua Sealing Gel (which works best for me as a liquid liner medium) and really helps me pack the colour on and blend the edges of eyeshadow evenly. I had no problems with it creasing, even over Soft Ochre paint pot (which sometimes does for me). More photos and look two if you click.

Lid is a Barry M green and crease is greens from Inglot and Urban Decay Blackout. Tightlined with UD Perversion.

Blue brows are MAC Marine Ultra Chromaline. Lid is MAC My Dark Magic mineralize eyeshadow from Venomous Villains (mix of both colours). Crease and lower lid colours are Inglot.

I've gotten out of the habit of posting regularly recently and I'm sorry. Here is a bonus photo from a recent Alton Towers trip for sticking around. 

Ruth x


  1. That photo looks so fun ^_^ !
    And the blazer is perfect.

  2. Ha, classic log flume. I went to Thorpe Park on Friday and got Very Wet Indeed. Why do you think it's a good idea?

    Mixing mediums always interest me but I never use them! Maybe I ought to... I only have Inglot Duraline and I've not really played with it that much.

  3. LOL everyone looks terrified and your face is hilarious :D

    I love the 2nd look with the slight angle on the outer edge... both are very nice though!

  4. Ana - Thanks :) Pirates liked it! True story.

    Robyn - I want to pracitce so I am actually good with mixing medium. I've got the Illamasqua one (from the kit on the course I did) and now MAC. It always takes so long to use, so I'm gonna pracitce.
    Also, we had gone on the other water-ride (rapids?) first and so I was pissed and did a "Thatcher" face in my old lady head-scarf, trying to embarass my co-workers. None of them cared. I also made us sit in this order, only to get the wettest of everyone. Sigh. I should've chosen the back seat. (This is the longest comment ever).

    Wendy - Thanks :) (See above, basically - nobody cared that I did that face and I spent the whole day soaking. Boo!)

  5. LOL your face on that log ride XD

    I love the green one the best, but I love it when you do coloured brows!