Thursday, 3 November 2011

How I spent Halloween 2011

Here I am on my first day at MAC (in a picture I stole from facebook). We are wearing black smokey eyes with Basic Red Chromagraphic pencil on the waterline and Potent Fig Matene lipstick. It was madness - straight on the counter on a Saturday. Tomorrow will be my fifth day. Eep! I love it so far.

 I went straight from there (well, there was a pitstop at home to put on my Wednesday Addams dress, Cruella DeVille coat and pigtails) back to my old job for the 18+ Halloween event. Yeah, the photo is red because the room is bathed in red light (I stole this from facebook, too!) I was kidnapped by the zombies in the live action thingy and made to sit with a sack on my head. Then I had to finish the trail alone. I'd had three vodkas (and in my defence I was very tired!) so I laughed pretty much the whole way (between screams) as creepy actors grabbed me and pushed me and jumped out from the smoke. 

I did a few Halloween manicures, this one is the only one I could get photos of (damn me and my forgetfulness - where IS that charger?) It's non-holographic OPI My Private Jet (the brown version; I found it on the floor at my old job... Bonus!) with an Inglot flakie top coat and pumpkin thumbs. My others have been cute little frankenstein's monsters (which I did last year as well) and a fuscia (with blue flakeys) matte half moon mani. For shame!

My forgetfulness has reared it's ugly head again today, as well. I have washed my jeans with two important pieces of paper inside the pockets - at once ruining the information within and the black clothes I washed. Argh! My life! Hope you're all having a better day than I! They are gonna be MAD at work tomorrow.

Ruth x


  1. Not jealous, not jealous, not jealous!!!

  2. Your makeup is fricking amazing in that first picture! You should definitely wear vampy lipsticks more often, they look hella hot on you!

  3. I concur with Robyn... *friendly eye glare*

  4. Aw fanks ladies.

    Aoife - I bought Dubonnet lipstick, might have to get Cyber too!

  5. Ooooooh, I think I may need Potent Fig. I love the MAC makeup - I'm pretty sure my local counter doesn't organize makeup for holidays or anything. Boo. It'd be more exciting if they did.

    I love your mani!!!! So cute!