Monday, 7 November 2011

My dying camera - new hair/haul/FOTD

My camera is still deaded! Today my new charger arrived but without an adapter, not to worry. I have ordered one for about £2 off amazon and should be up and running as usual shortly.

Every so often the battery has a little extra juice in it and I snap a photo like the above (my new hair). I added a purple fringe and extra turquoise on top! This time I used Special Effects dyes in Blue Velvet (already my all time favourite hair dye) underneath and mixed with Virgin Rose (purpley pink) for the fringe. Fishbowl is the layer on top. I have also discovered coconut oil as a pre-bleaching deep-conditioner and it is amazing. It was around £15 for 500ml from Holland and Barrett but I think it will last me a long time, and works out cheaper in the long run (maybe).

Haul and FOTD under cut.

I've been able to take a few samples from MAC, as I need to figure out which of their foundations I'll stick with. In the top photo I am wearing Matchmaster is 1.5 (the day before I had tried number 1 and it was far too pale!) I've also been sampling Prolongwear concealer in NC20 for under my eyes. I tend to do my skin at home and then add lips and eyes at MAC so as not to piss my bosses off ever again by wearing non-MAC. I've also ordered myself a few goodies to make things easier (in a 20% Debenhams code shopping frenzy)...

Girl About Town and Dubbonet amplified lipsticks, Viva Glam Gaga 1 + 2 set (because, in a Mean Girls 'on Wednesday's we wear pink'-style thingy, it turns out on Fridays we wear Viva Glam) MAC 187 duo-fibre brush (I have wanted this for-EVER), number 44 and 48 lashes (I wanted some really dramatic ones!), Currant lip pencil (thought it would go well with Dubonnet and any future dark-lipsticks, too) and Harmony matte blush (for contouring).

Unconditionally Fabulous glittery nail polish and Iced Delights Rocking nail and lips set (which I bought for Kangarouge lipstick) from Glitter and Ice and Ice Parade collections.

Yesterday I took a little sample of Dark Moon crushed metal pigment from the Dazzlesphere Smokey Blue Ornament. This is what I came up with (and what I will probably wear to work tomorrow). I used Harmony to contour and Viva Glam Gaga 1 on the lips. Chromaline in Marine Ultra is my go-to blue brow and I also used Mighty Aphrodite blush (hey, it's limited, but it's still MAC).

Now, it's still not an entirely MAC look (Urban Decay Blackout and Zephyr eyeshadows and Perversion 24/7 eye pencil) but I can always tell a white lie about that ;-)

Hope you're all doing great,
A v. tired Ruth x


  1. I love your hair!! I miss my purple hair =( Plus I love the look you did!! =D

  2. Oooh, you look gorgeous! Love the black cut creasy-ness! And the hair looks amazeballs :)

  3. LOVE your hair and what an awesome cut crease! WOOOT!

  4. Ahh I love Currant, it's such a pretty shade. I really want Nightmoth too now! That look you did is so amazing, loving the dramatic liner! Also your blue eyebrows are just made of awesome, if I saw you in the MAC counter in Dublin I would just be like Woah... And make a beeline for you! Most of the SA's in the Dublin branch are caked in thick orange foundation with nasty peroxide blonde extensions, I definitely wouldn't let them do my makeup, let alone give me advice for foundation shades etc.!

  5. your new hair looks awesome!

  6. Frack I love your hair! Also that makeup look is hawt.

  7. Love it! You are seriously making me want tons more MAC stuff. Not that I'm complaining. :)

  8. I LOVE the black cut crease and the glitter! The pink lipstick also goes beautifully with your blue brows and new hair (which also looks bloody awesome too)! Okay I'll stop gushing now :D

  9. Okay, so, your hair is amazing. I'm jealous o.o