Thursday, 17 November 2011

A few looks from my third week at MAC

I finally have my camera battery charger sorted and a bit more confidence to wear exciting looks to work so here goes. Three looks under the cut.

Using a crushed metal pigment called Misty from the Glitter and Ice thingy, with lots of black liner, black eyeshadow and number 48 lashes. I've worn lashes to work twice now, think I'm getting the hang of it. Makes me tired by the end of the day though.
This was my first time trying Studio Fix fluid foundation (an aside - my first day they put me in NW15, thinking it'd be all pale and ghostly for Halloween, turns out it's a good match and I'm sampling it to see if I like the texture. Sucks there aren't paler colours, for paler people. I'm not exactly Rose Mcgowan/Dita Von Teese/Shirley Manson white, right? Or am I? I wish anyway. A girl can dream...) It's nowhere near as full coverage as Illamasqua Full Coverage or what I've seen of Vichy Dermablend but that's what I have to sell it as.

When my eyes are too tired, I go for just mascara and a stronger lip. This is Currant lip liner and Dubbonet lipstick.

Brows used Hi-Def Cyan pencil (erm... it certainly wasn't Illamasqua Debonair...awkward) with MAC Newly Minted to set/make a greeny colour to match my fading hair. Blue Brown pigment was the focus of the eyes. Viva Glam Gaga I was the lips.

It's difficult because I have so many eyeshadows from other brands I love to use that I am not allowed to use at MAC. I would try to pass it off as MAC but we don't stock any lime greens. I feel like a drug addict itching for a fix, where are my brights?! We have limited stock because it's a counter in a Debenhams (who choose what stock to purchase, for example we don't have Face and Body foundation or Cremeblend blushes!) and I don't suppose I'm even meant to wear discontinued/no longer available limited products either (although nobody has said I can't and so I do). Yesterday I took a couple of samples of pigments (Fuscia and Pink Bronze) to try out brighter looks, maybe I'll wear fuscia eyes and Viva Glam Gaga II tomorrow (on Fridays we wear Viva Glam!)

In others news (not sure why I'm sharing this but...) I have another big spot this month, despite my best efforts to remove my make-up etc. Maybe it's stress related. Trying not to let these little things bring me down, that's what make-up's for afterall. Wish me luck meeting my targets and not being out of work in January...(?)

Ruth x
PS This blog is officially a year old as of 4th of November, I looked it up today. Sweet. Thanks for following, reading, whatever. If you're here, you're amazing. I still love my blog and read every comment so go ahead and do so if you'd like. Yay! 


  1. UNF I love that first look. Like. A lot. I love your hair *_*. Anyway, I had that problem when I would help out at the Mac counter or chat with the girls there... further, when I worked for Clinique/Lancome/EL it was worse because the colors are SO BORING. I didn't technically have to wear their makeup but I'd always lie and say I was. I got to the point where I wore brights anyway and would say it was Mac, and they couldn't say much because I was floating helper anyway ;-). Mac doesn't do brights very well, not gonna lie.

  2. Ooh, you got a job at MAC? Lol, I'm so behind :p Congrats! Beautiful looks, it must be a bit annoying only being able to wear the stuff off the counter, but I guess then you gotta be more creative hehe!

  3. wow, the nicest brows ever! enjoyable looks!

  4. I love how you look in the first pics. So cute! The dark lipstick is just gorgeous as well

  5. All incredible! I particularly loved the dark lip with little else, I just love that sort of look. I really hope you enjoy it there and the girls are nice. I hope I come across you one day : )I think you look that pale you mentioned you wished you were. Did you see Lady Gagas' electric lime glitter eyebrow recently? What did u think? xx

  6. I adore everything about the first look, from the makeup, to your hair, to your outfit and accessories. *____*

  7. Congrats on the one year mark! I love all these looks and I love your outfit and hair accessory in the first pictures! It must be super fun to work at MAC!

  8. Gorgeous look, I love the dark lip and the turquoisey eyebrows are amazing!