Sunday, 27 November 2011

Callooh and Callay Jewelry Review

This is slightly off on a tangent from my usual make-up posts but I can't stop myself. I am so very pleased with my recent order from Callooh & Callay, (which, incase you don't know, is a jewelry brand started recently by amazing make-up blogger Lillian Funny Face and her lovely girlfriend Claire). It only took a few days for the order to arrive, and it came all wrapped up ready to gift (even if two of them were birthday presents to myself!) and with SWEETIES! LOOK! The earrings were in different packaging so I could differentiate even before opening, which was so helpful, being as they weren't all for me.
I've had compliments on the earrings I ordered whilst I was wearing them at work (I wore the danglies Saturday and the studs today, I might just go crazy and wear both at once next time I'm in! Oooh) and my sister was really pleased with the Labyrinth necklace I bought her. I had originally bought her to give at Christmas but couldn't resist giving it to her for her graduation instead, it was just too cute to wait. (ps. Well done sis!)

 Look snowflake glitters!

I hope plenty of people ordered themselves a treat in their Black Friday sale! And frankly, even at full price, they're bargains. You can keep up to date with their offers and new ranges on their twitter page here. The details like business cards, stickers, wrapping, sweets and foil snowflakes were so professional, sweet and well thought out. I am truly impressed with the designs and the quality of their wares.

 Here's how I wore them to work - with Viva Glam Gaga I lipstick (to make it slightly more make-up relevant).

Sparkle sparkle.

Today I wore the studs with Vanilla pigment swept over the lid and winged liner (and for work added Currant lip liner and Dubonnet lipstick, too).

I fancy the glittery bat necklace next, among others. Has anything taken your fancy?

Ruth xx


  1. I love the bat necklace. Haven't made an order yet... but one of these days. Oh yes. It WILL be mine.

  2. *steals your hair* Everytime you post, it gets more awesome, I swear. I'm gonna put the snowflake necklace on my wishlist to my husband, me thinks :3. I also like the studs, hmmm...

  3. Good plan guys, you won't be disappointed! x

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  5. Yay for Callooh & Callay! I'm glad you liked their stuff too. I want to get the snowflake necklace :)

  6. I agree with Jerry above, I want the snowflake necklace!

  7. The necklace looks beautiful tis true x (go for it)

  8. Thank you so so much for this review Ruth (thought I'd already thanked you but I hadn't so I suck!) you look absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad you like your earrings :)

    1. like the Balloonacy Dachsund and the Snowflake studs- was thinking of buying some Snowflake studs but then discovered the stud posts were silvertone- I'm allergic to a lot of metals, even stainless steel and silver make my skin red, itchy and swollen after a while and the after-effects of it last for ages after on my skin! So most of the earrings (and necklaces) I like are out-of-bounds :-(

      Lillian Funny Face, perhaps you would consider using hypoallergenic studs and hooks on your products in the future? They are not that expensive (I was a jewellery maker and seller myself at one time) and it would be a further USP for you! Good Luck with your business venture :-)