Monday, 28 November 2011

Two work looks + Carmine Box babble.

 Using MAC Bright Fuscia pigment (with big dangly earrings from Accessorize).

Using MAC Idyllic paint pot and crushed metal pigment in Spicy Smoke (from Smoky Berry Dazzlesphere, with small dangly earrings from Accessorize that my sis bought be for my birthday! They're so delicate and sweet /tangent.)

In the 2nd of these looks I am also using my new Brow Ink in Sable (which I'd describe as natural black) from Cosmetics a la Carte. I am mentioning this as it came free in this months Carmine box but usually retails for a whopping £22. I am so glad they asked what colour would be best as, since going blue, I don't think the lighter options would look good on me. I really like this for a natural or a strong brow, and as a bonus it seems to be dying my brows darker, which is something I have always wanted (especially since I've overplucked them and they're really thin).

The downsides are I ended up giving the CID light-up lipstick to my mum as it's a subtle natural lip colour with shimmer, didn't think it suited me and I am yet to try the other products properly because of work. Of course, I am gonna say I'm using the Penultimate Brow Marker if anybody asks. Muahaha!

The (Neom?) body lotion smells lovely and the Dainty Doll pencil is a pretty green colour (but sadly, from my hand swatch, seems a bit hard/scratchy). As for Lulu's Timebomb, well... I really hate scented face creams. That one's a total miss for me. But anyway, overall, for £10 plus postage, it has been a nice surprise treat for me each month and I'm happily waiting for my next. So far, so good.

Have you subscribed to any beauty boxes?

Ruth x

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  1. You look beautiful. I love the Idyllic paint pots colour! I'd really like to try one of those beauty boxes as, like you, I like the idea of a little surprise every month. But I can't afford £10 a week when I'm not sure if I'd actually like and use the contents.