Friday, 9 December 2011

Busy busy - life at MAC and a work EOTD

Each post from me for the last few months has included a long apology about why I am not posting much. So I'll try to keep this brief. Mostly, getting used to a new routine is tiring and being on your feet all day is also very tiring. I'm feeling more and more confident as time goes on (even putting on false eyelashes for customers) and things are much easier with a brush belt. Woowoo!

I wore my hair as above all day at work (12:30-9pm) then out to the MAC Christmas do (last Saturday).

Here are some of the work friends (enjoying the free booze!) This is my Heyday Mary dress in red (it feels good to be out of the black clothes). To be honest I don't remember the end of the night, it is all a blur. But at least I wasn't the only one! 

An EOTD is after the jump.

I used Teal pigment over Hi-Def Cyan chromagraphic pencil (I tell a lie it was Kryolan aqua blue gel eyeliner but... its a similar colour...) to create this cut crease look for work.

It matched my headphones pretty well! Sweet. And am clearly very pleased with myself on my way to work in my new cracked neon Cambridge Satchel (from the asos sale) and Warehouse faux fur coat (from some kinda Grazia magazine sale...) It's true that lunchbreak shopping is dangerous for my bank balance...

Ruth xx
ps I have another post planned for this evening. Hang tight!


  1. Oh my god, save some badass for the rest of us, kay?

  2. :) Thanks ladies.
    Robyn - oh my, one of the straps little studs that hold it on came off already. I am not having the best of luck recently! x

  3. You looked stunning! I love how you did your hair, too.

  4. I absolutely love your hair in victory rolls! And your coat is awesome :D

  5. GIVE ME YOUR HAIR. And omg that last photo is adorbz :3

  6. Love your outfit with the bright purse! Cute!

  7. Gorgeous EOTD, and I loooooooove those rolls!