Thursday, 22 December 2011

Festive Nails

Just a post of my nails so far this month. This is MAC Asiatique from the Rocking lip and nail bag with green flakies from Inglot alternated with Edward - green round and square glitter - from Essence. Sorry about my cuticles, no amount of OPI Avoplex oil seems to help. Thinking about buying one of those cuticle remover liquid things (Inglot do one, has anyone tried one? A little help...?)

This was Illamasqua Radium, Barry M Spring Green and Illamasqua Viridian in a gradient with MAC Unconditionally Fabulous glitter polish as a topcoat.

OPI Rainbow Connection (I had this on my toes for a few weeks and finally put it on my nails last week and I <3 it best on my fingernails, even if it's so hard to remove, the glitters are just SO big! A customer at work even knew which one it was and complimented me. It wouldn't photograph clearly tho, the camera blurred everytime :( Sorry )

OPI Excuse Moi! (I love this one even more than Rainbow Connection *GASP* Infact, I loved it so much that after a week when a couple of nails had chipped I just repainted those ones and did an extra coat on all the others to refresh it. It's BEAUTIFUL.)

More to come,
Ruth x


  1. Rainbow Connection.... O__O *drools everywhere*

  2. OoooooooOooooOooooOOoo those green gradient ones!! So prettyyyyy

  3. Ohhh they're all beautiful but the first one is my favourite!