Saturday, 31 December 2011

Not Another Photo-Dump Post!

Four work looks. I got kept on at MAC, finally found out the day before yesterday! I have worked pretty much all Christmas, only got Christmas day off. So you can expect a few posts in the next few days (three days off... woohoo), as all these things are putting me in a pretty sweet mood. Wanted to get these FOTD's all posted up at once, so here you go. It'll be an incentive to get creative with all my favourite non-MAC products in my time off. (I got some new Illamasqua stuff yesterday that I am yet to try out).

About my skin - at the moment I am using NC15 Studio Fix Fluid over Strobe liquid. Everyday. I set it with MSF Natural in Light Plus and I actually really love it. It lasts. I still get a little bit oily by mid-shift and either blot or powder a little to sort it out (if I get a chance). Might have to buy the strobe cream and foundation (instead of using sample pots week on week because I am cheeky). What do you guys think to the colour?

This look used Melon Pigment and Copper Sparkle pigment, wet with a little bit of Water-based mixing medium. The crease was Copperplate and Carbon eyeshadows, blended out with Brule. Brows are Vibrant Grape, Atlantic Blue and Electric Eel over NW20 Studio Sculpt concealer (should get NC15 instead to make them brighter, I think.) Number three lashes (<3). Cherry lipliner and Kangarouge lipstick. Harmony powder blush to contour and Dame powder blush for colour.

Reflects Copper glitter applied with Water-based mixing medium to make it more intense. Embark, Carbon, Brule for the crease. Naked pigment on the inner corner (I unexpectedly absolutely love Naked pigment. It's so subtle!) Lotsa black liner. Too much blush (think I used Frankly Scarlet and then tried to blend it out with Dame and Blushbaby and my MSF... fail).

Satin Taupe on lid with Copperplate lightly in the crease. Number three lashes (my new favourite.) Wearing Kangarouge lipstick again (while I could, because now we no longer stock the Christmas sets... boo!)

Blue Superslick liquid liner got a bit out of hand day before yesterday. Oops. Was meant to be metallic silver with bit of black in the crease but once I popped I couldn't stop! Silver was Misty crushed metal pigment over Palladium Metal-x cream shadow. Print and Carbon were in the crease (but got covered up by the extreme metallic liner). Not sure what I think about this. Metallic overload. 

On lazy days I'll wear liquid liner, lotsa mascara and pop a lip on when I get on to the counter (that's what happened yesterday). At the minute the new Prolongwear Lipcremes from Daphne Guinness collection are amazing me - I want them all!

I will be doing less hours in the New Year (next week I undertake my last five days in a row). Expect more regular updates and experiments soon, and Happy New Year to you all.
Ruth x


  1. All of these are soooo pretty! Love that first look! And you rock the red lip! Happy New Year!

  2. Gorgeous looks! I love the way the colour graduates when you do your brows.

  3. Ruth, if you keep looking as good as you do in these pics I am going to have to come and find you. And I love the liner overload.

  4. MAC would be crazy not to keep you! Happy new year!

  5. There's noone like you Ruthy & you brighten my day! Beautiful colour, a red lip is stunning on you xx

  6. Great looks! Must be fun working at MAC!

  7. Bloody hell, I'm in love with every single look! Love how you brought the grey-brown colour into the inner and outer corner in the first look, and how it almost forms a halo around your eye. In the second look I love how the copper looks with your blue brows, and in the third look I love the lashes and lips. In the last look.......well it's just amazing in general :D SO EPIC