Monday, 2 January 2012

Illamasqua Winter Sale Haul

I don't often do haul posts because they feel like a cop out. This is also because my blog is based around what make-up I wear, not my seemingly rampant consumerism. However, I wanted to show that although I currently work at a MAC counter, I do still love other brands! I tried to resist the recent Illamasqua New Year sale, which has become a bit of a tradition for me (this is my third year shopping, if I remember correctly...) I usually stock up on nail polishes, as theirs are my favourite nail polishes of all time. This time I also branched out a little.

 Cream blushes in Betray and Devour...

 Number 11, 23 and 17 lashes. (Not sure which is which, but they're an unusual black pair, a black and green feathered-y pair and a giant blue and black pair)...

 Shrapnel and Smash nail polishes...

 and Pristine lipstick (my first ever black lipstick, yay!) and a sample of Freak eau de parfum (which I often steal a spritz of on my way into work. It's gorgeous!)

They said on their website that these products wouldn't arrive until the New Year, so I was shocked and pleased that they came on New Year's Eve. I intended to play around with some of my goodies yesterday, then got swiftly sidetracked by sitting around for the second day in a row. Well, I was tired, even if I didn't do anything for New Years...

Oh yeah, apart from turning my cousin into Lady Gaga! (This picture shows the finished look, not the costume she wore. But I liked her facial expression... well, you get the idea anyway). The scotch tape was a huge hit, thanks to those who recommended it!

I finally had a little relaxing make-up experiment this morning, therefore there's a FOTD coming up shortly,

Ruth x

P.S My favourite perk of working at MAC so far is taking pigment samples (to wear to work, of course!) These are Nebula, Circa Plum and Aurora from the MAC for Daphne Guinness collection.


  1. Ooooh, those pigments look lovely! And your cousin looks awesome!

  2. Now I'm thinking I should have gone for those blushers! Smash I had been wanting for ages. Hoping they get delivered safely - early wasn't so good for me :( I gave a delivery address suitable for this week not last because of the promised dispatch info.Grr

  3. Ooh lovely haul! I already got some bits but now I think I might need another order :P

  4. Awesome haul, awesome Gaga makeup, and now I want some MAC pigment samples ;__;

  5. Robyn - scotch tape is amazing. I bought three rolls... good plan.

    Sparklz - hope your package got to you eventually. Annoying when little niggling things like that happen. I tried the red blush only so far and it's lush! May have to save Smash for Springtime.

    Lillian - :) I felt that way. Must...resist...lashes...and...nail...colours (I have half a drawer full of lashes, and hardly ever wear them. Oops. And don't get me started on my blatant nail polish addiction. Gah!)

    Jerry - :D BEST PART OF WORKING AT MAC. Look at the iddy-bitty jars.