Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Random Post of Lips & Pablo Times

When I was at Basic Training in Birmingham, I picked up Sinister lipstick from the Venomous Villains collection in the staff shop (which is like a Cosmetics Company Outlet Store for staff of Estee Lauder companies, hidden in the top of Selfridges or House of Fraser - depending on the city).  

I mainly bought it for the packaging, but it's a nice glossy wash of colour (Lustre finish). I love it actually.

I also bought Lady Danger lipstick recently (FINALLY). Here I am wearing it over Cherry lip pencil. LOVE this as much as I had expected to. We don't stock it at the counter so I'd never tried it on before...

Above/below is what I wore when Pablo R visited my counter. Impassioned lipstick over Cherry lip pencil being the focus (of course). When I was removing my eye-make-up for a demo, Pablo called Superslick liquid liner 'nail polish for the eyes' and he's so right. Maybe that's a negative for most people but I love it! I also had Omega & Blanc Type on my eyes and Blushbaby on my cheeks. My skin was Select Cover-up concealer NW15/NW20 mix and MSF Natural in Light Plus.

Below is a terrible photo (after dark, bad lighting, crazy flash) of what Pablo did with my eyes. He kept my eyebrows (yay) but tried to make my eyelid appear larger by leaving it blank. He used Mylar (lid), Copperplate and Winkle in socket/underneath eye.

Urgh. Look at my face. 

Just getting caught up with photos to post etc. Will be back on form for the next few days. Need to pack things etc as moving in with my sister in May! It's all going on...

 Ruth x


  1. LADY DANGER <3 That's what I'm wearing tomorrow!

  2. u look ace hun i wants lady danger

  3. Damn you, woman! So many lemmings from one single post!!!! (I don't really mind, I'm just pretending, but damn, so many lemmings.) And you look FANTASTIC in every pic. :P