Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Schtuff (a "haul" from Update, Models Own and an SPC order)

Looksee all the stuff I got this time at update! Schweet. I'm in the process of thinking through what things to giveaway... I am particularly fond of Black Swan pearlglide eyeliner and Vivid Effect nail polish (from Reel Sexy collection). So they are certainly staying. And the Prep + Prime skin smoother, because it's delicious. Also, I really want to get some more of the products from the Hey Sailor collection (there is a red lipstick with my name on it...)

I got some new Models Own nail polishes recently. Just because. I've not used any of these yet, as I am in the process of re-growing my nails (they'd become peely and I got tired of it). I chose Red-brown (urm, this one came without the plastic wrap and smudged ink on the label... it's weird and a bit gross) and Blue-violet Beetlejuice ones, Concrete Mixer, Beach Party and Indian Ocean.
If you buy five you save some money but... why, yes, I am a nail polish hoarder. Thanks for noticing.

I ordered C1, C4 and C7 Face and Body foundations only to find out that the darkest was out of stock (upon arrival). Will pick that up soon. May also get a light, medium and dark in N undertones next time, too. I want white from the Pro store, too... Feels like it's neverending! I also got four pairs of lashes #3, 2 x #4 and #7 (for weddings and/or me, we'll see!) and some more Brush Cleanser. Fix+ turned out to also be out of stock. Grr... it wasn't when I clicked order. Sort it out!

I tried to order heavy things from the internet so I don't have to carry it home. Better luck next time!

Ruth x


  1. wow! i love looking at hauls!! although makes me want to buy things haha!!
    i also nominated you for an award...check it out!