Friday, 29 June 2012

2 Months & No Blogging... What's Up?!

I haven't written an entry on here since the 1st of May - nearly two months. I started thinking I'd give myself a couple of weeks to adjust, having just moved house but... weeks turned into months! I've been going through all of my photos since May and they're just not as good as they used to be. I don't know if it's the make-up (I've been lazy recently) or the lighting or what (both!). I need to sort it out. I've honestly learnt so much about make-up in the last two months, and my confidence is really growing... yet I'm not documenting that in words or doing much on my own face to show for it either. Fail!

I can't remember what I used in most of the photos which renders them kind of pointless and they're not my best work. Meh. Here are a few photos of "what-I-wore-to-work" make-up anyway (using MAC cosmetics). I hope to be back to my normal 2-3ish entries a week ASAP. 

A winged eye make-up that I can see involves Waveline fluidline and no. 3 lashes. I've not been doing my blue brows lately and this makes me miss them! As usual they're Electric Eel and Atlantic Blue.

Hey Sailor launch (which was at the beginning of May in the UK... yeah). I am not wearing either of the Hey, Sailor red lippies because I do not own them. Think I tried to get as close as possible with Lady Danger lipstick instead, and planned to put on Red Racer when I got to the counter.

Above and below - Yellow/Green/Blue gradient eyes. Above I used the purple pencil from Reel Sexy in my waterline, below I did not. Above I have my favourite no. 3 lashes on, below I don't. That's literally all I know about these! They certainly involved Golden Rod, Lucky Green, Atlantic Blue and maybe Scene eyeshadows. I think I have Blankety lipstick on below, not sure. Eep.

This is why everyone should always blog regularly. It feels like being senile. Is that my face?! (Reads in my head like this Father Ted clip - Are those my feet?! - because Father Jack rules.)

Fancied something a bit different at the start of this month and used Magenta Madness pigment with Boot Black liquid liner (I can tell because it's matte black as apposed to my usual Superslick liquid liner which looks more like PVC/shiny). I love the look of Boot Black but it flakes down my pale pale cheeks like ash from a volcano or something. It's not pretty. So I'll probably stick with Blacktrack fluidline or Superslick liners instead. Industrial pearlglide pencil is under my eyes. Copperplate eyeshadow for my eyebrows. As for everything else... I have no clue.

Thanks for sticking around if anyone has, I miss this lark I swear. Still planning a couple of giveaways too, just might take longer than originally planned because I am rubbish. I redyed my hair and it yet again needs redyeing all since last time I posted. Seriously, where is the time going? Too weird.

Ruth xx


  1. I just thought about you today!

    Great to see... IT'S ALIIIIIVE :D !

  2. So many great looks! Love how you can rock so many different brow colors!

  3. So pleased you're back!
    Of all the make-up blogs I've looked at, yours is the only one I really like. The combination in this blog of your love of great colours and superb application skills is second to none in my book. :-) Welcome back!

  4. I love the gradient eyes.
    Nice to have you back, I can now get my fix of cute hair more easily.

  5. Nice to have you back!!! I love Lady danger on you.

  6. Gorgeous, all of them! And your hair and hairstyles are so lovely!

  7. Yes i've missed you blue brows too!! Looks better than regular brown haha!
    And your eyeliner kicks ass as always!/Azure