Thursday, 11 November 2010

Andrea Fullerton - OPI 2010 dupe

I had been lusting after the OPI flakey glitter top coats for what seemed like an eternity, wondering whether to order online. I popped into Superdrug planning to try a Sleek blush or two when I stumbled upon Andrea Fullerton's nail boutique. Specifically what caught my eye was the gemstone top-coat. According to the photo on the product stand, it was a a dupe for the flakey look I so crave.

I was so excited and at around about the five pounds mark, how could I resist? I got home, eager to try out my new toy. First I layered it over Illamasqua Alarm (bright orange-red). It made the topcoat orangey gold flakes. Very pretty. I found it really difficult to photograph, but it lasted a solid week without much chipping, only slight wear at the nail tips.

Two days ago I tried it over Illamasqua Force (royal blue). It is even prettier over blue, in my humble opinion. I was complimented on it by a girl at work, bonus. And it hasn't chipped yet.

 It's a rather small bottle, but plenty of product, a nice long handle that makes it easy to apply, and dried really quickly on me. Especially when you consider it was applied over two layers of Essie Fill the Gap and two coats of Illamasqua Force.

 Natural light. Shining green and orange and gold.

 With flash.

I know these photos aren't perfect, still getting used to the little camera. But I really love this product and just had to post about it. I think my nails look like deep blue opals. Next I'm going to try it over green, then brown, and perhaps black...

Ruthy x

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