Sunday, 9 January 2011

Illamasqua Nail Polish Collection (so far)

From left to right - Fabricate, Alarm, Insanity, Wayward, Demure, Jo'Mina, Fern, Force, Propaganda and Hectic.
Illamasqua are the nail polish brand I love the most. I have never owned so many colours from one brand before. However, I do always buy them in the sale - either on Illamasqua dot com or So far though, I have mostly bought colours I would pay full price for. The only one I am not please with so far is Demure. I am not sure what to do with it, it is a pink jelly (which I didn't even think to look up before I purchased, I assumed it would be a pink creme). I might make a Frankenpolish with this, because imo glitter would look good in it. 
I am yet to try Insanity and Propaganda, but I love orange and dark blue (two of my favourite colours) so I'm pretty sure they're amazing. I recently threw out my previous dark blue because it stayed tacky, and peeled. Thumbs down to boujois. 

 I took this photo because all my bottles have the flat logo, bar Propaganda, which has it in relief. I'm not sure which is the newer way, or what. I tried a spot the difference, and noticed that the little labels under the bottles are dark grey on Fabricate and Alarm, and black on the others excepting Force and Jo'mina which have larger labels on the back instead.

 It's not this bright, because it's not Rare, I swear! My camera just picked it up that way... Right after painting...

 After three days wear (this picture is pretty true to colour).

 And on my nails now, Fern. Which is blue. I like that. 

Yesterday I ended up matching my eyeshadow to it... I used Fyrinnae Curiouser and Curiouser (over a little Pixie Epoxy), Sugarpill Afterparty, MAC Wisteria with UD Virgin as highlight. 

Now, you'll have to excuse me because the Sugarpill order I was waiting for since the day after my birthday (Nov 26th) JUST ARRIVED! I am already pretty sure it was worth the wait...
Ruthio x

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