Monday, 10 January 2011

Sugarpill looks with my new goodies! (picture heavy)

Words can't really describe how excited I had been at the thought that these were on the way to me. They were a birthday present to myself that became a Christmas and then a belated New Year present. But it truly was worth the wait and the 'Thanks.... Thanks a lot!' I told the postman when he came yesterday (the second thanks being heartfelt because oh my, I can see that adorable logo stamped on this white package.) 
Sunday and Sugarpill? Woohoo!

Now, this isn't a review, but I would like to point out that this was my third order from Sugarpill and I have been completely satisfied all three times. This time because of adverse weather and Christmas/New Years, post was slow. But Amy/Shrinkle was really nice about it and friendly and helpful.She said not to worry, that if it didn't come soon she'd sent out another, which I think is so sweet. Also, free stickers, bonus.

I went for a tasty meal with my family wearing this look shortly after the package arrived.
 I used UDPP, Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, Sugarpill Tiara and Darling, with Sleek acid palette black, white and gunmetal colour for smoking out.
(You can click the photos to 'big' 'em).

I tried some more of my new stash out today - Absinthe, Tipsy, Midori, smoked out with generic black shadow (I am yet to get Tako or Bulletproof but I'm sure I will one o' these days). Lash line/waterline I used my favourite gel liner Kryolan in aqua blue, with a little Afterparty pressed on top to help set.

These colours are even more incredible than I imagined. I feel like no photo my little camera could take could do it justice. I lovelovelove Royal Sugar (bought previously) but it's pretty hard to work with. Whereas the more metallic/less matte loose Sugarpill colours are a total dream!

Will be trying out Magentric next...probably after work tomorrow. So pretty!

Ruth x

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