Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bea Sweet is my idol


Bea Sweet is a make-up artist and model whose blog I adore. There's always something inspirational, like the above two pictures. I took a bit of influence from both for a look I did yesterday. I interpreted it that she was going for an ironic eighties vibe. Slightly bad on purpose, maybe. Not insulting it, love it. So I did a purple big eyeshadow no liner look. My only regret is I didn't fill in my brows. (I'm not sure what excuse I can use as to why I didn't... um... fail.)

Base was UDPP and Illamasqua cream pigment in Mould. I used a mixture of Sugarpill Poison Plum, Inglot 388 (matte blueberry purple) and 379 (matte lavender) in the crease. On the lid was MUA eyeshadow number 9 (frosty purple with blue duochrome) and a little of their shimmery white in the inner corner (can't remember the number, but all shimmery whites are pretty much the same). Mascara was a light coat of Boujois Volumizer.
Looking closer at the blue eyeshadow look, I see it fades from matte on the lids to a lighter shimmery blue around the edges. I reversed this and also it's purple so it's in no way a recreation or anything. All I know is that these pictures make me want to wear make-up. 
Then inspired by the picture below, I decided to add lip colour mainly because I never do. And it's so OTT. I like that. I don't have a bright pink lipstick (I considered the MAC Quite Cute one, but within a blink of an eye it was sold out) so to keep with the purple theme I used Illamasqua cream pigment in Mould. I also contoured with Sleek contour palette in light. No blush.

Then, just to see what it'd look like, I added a little Fyrinnae Faerie glamour loose shadow (purple with blue/green duochrome), patting it on top...

In conclusion, lipsticks are fun, I want more!

Ruth x

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