Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nail Post - 3/4 of the Boots 17 Magnetized Polishes

(Sorry for thumb chip, this was after one day-to-night shift wear).

I finally tracked these babys down and wanted to post my views. I've had them since my second interview for MAC (the demo) after which I felt really antsy and announced 'I am going to Boots to buy stuff to cheer me up'. They didn't have these during the 3 for 2 offer in that particular store, but they were still £1 off each (not too shabby), so I bought the three brightest ones. £4.99 for magnet polish is still a bargain to me. The metallic/gunmetal one I felt able to resist... What can I say? I love colour! While I'm writing I may as well say - you can also get a free gift if you buy two or more 17 items at Boots right now. It's a silver eyeshadow, red lipgloss and black liquid liner (bonus! I'm yet to try them out but they look pretty).

After a couple of attempts I felt quite confident using these, although watch out because depending on the thickness of the layer I have found it makes little bumps in the polish where the magnetic (iron?) bits are trying to join to the magnet! I generally used only one thick coat, as the polish needs to be wet for the magnet to take effect. You could, however, use two coats and hover the magnet only on the topcoat if you prefer a thicker polish.

Using my usual Essie Ridge-Filling base coat and Good to Go topcoat they last a good couple of days. It seemed to become brittle faster than my usual base coat, 2-3 coats and topcoat, but that's no matter as I'm always up for a change.

The colours are really seasonally appropriate jewel tones - beautiful. I hope they make more of these, maybe in brighter colours. They're so multi-faceted, quick and fun! I'd love a copper or a red coloured one. I had an attempt at turning the magnet the other way to make vertical stripes and was disappointed it only striped the centre of my nails. If I was designing it, I might attempt a curved magnet, that'd be the only thing I'd change.

Have you tried magnetic polishes? What did you think?

Ruth x


  1. I have the green one and I've been wearing it for a week and a half (well, reapplied.) I was sad you can only get one effect with the magnet as well. I love that they look almost holographic.

  2. GROARRRR these are cooool! I love the purple.

  3. I love these! Especially the purple one.

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  5. Have you seen the Layla Magneffect magnetic polishes? Lots of colour varieties! Don't know what the quality is like, but it seems to be fairly popular with nail fans in America (where the brand is from).